Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I am now watching Vixen with Brigitte Bardot and I am burning 1960s music on my computer! I had no idea the library lets you rent out 10 cds at a TIME!!!!!! I want more french 60s pop music though... 1960s and 70s music is AMAZING. I am so sick of the radio and I am always driving to auditions or classes or pools. I am so excited TODAY!!!!!
My Birthday is August 12th and I have a huge surprise for myself that DAY. I haven't really told anyone because I don't want anyone opinions. Myke is taking me to Tahoe for my Bday!!! and we are going to San Fran for one day as well. I actually just submitted myself for a movie being filmed in SF and the auditions are that week, "crosses fingers". I love life right now!! Oh and I also just got casted in an amazingly funny web series! I went to the audition right as they were done and got the call that night! They loved me! It felt good to finally go to a theatrical audition and kick some ass! I have been studying VERY hard over these past 9 months and mainly doing commercials. I really love acting. I am also working on my very OWN web show but thats top secret! :) I feel like you have to get yourself out there or no one will ever see you. YIP YIP

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