Sunday, May 22, 2011

My newest pair of PRADA sunglasses Minimal Baroque

I just got these AWESOME prada sunglasses the SPR27n style MINIMAL BAROQUE sunnies! Bigger than my Chanel 5018s but as cute basically :) They only had 2 pairs at the Prada boutique on Rodeo Dr. I went today!!!! I hope these babies go up in price in the future. They are one of a kind! They are so my style ! I love the wild fun sunglasses. That is why one of my favorite sunglass designer is Thierry Lasry. As you can see they are a bit bigger than my chanel 5018s. My chanel 5018s are my LOVES!!! I just got offered a few days ago $5,000 for them! NO WAY JOSE! I paid $800 and I will not sell them! When I die I will be buried with them or I will end up selling them to a huge fashion museum for 1 million dollars :) Those babies are RARE! and Mine are in excellent condition in a glass case! I wore them for my college graduation. :) THey are my babies!!!!! Nothing will ever compare to them. But I loved how these Pradas do seem similar. :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

Some sexy pictures taken tonight!!

So I have NO sexy pictures, in all of my pictures I look like a complete dork. so I figured I would have a friend take some cool sexy pictures. Here they are :) and yes I do have boobs. I always cover them cause I live with my brother and I get insecure about it. I am so over that I dont give a SHIIIIITTT!!!! I am young and I need to show it off while I can!!! Single and young! WOOOOOP

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cat eye eyeglasses frames

I really love these cat eye frames by Tom Ford but $340... AH AH AH . I found them on 80s purple website for $12!!! Yippeeeee

Robert Clergerie shoes!!!!!!!

I just discovered this designer and I think he is freaking AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Lately I have been obsessed with Mark Ronson, his album is incredible, mind blowing. I cannot stop listening to it and watching his amazing videos. As you all may know Mark produced THE LIKE album. I pretty much want to marry him soon. I am listening to old Interpol album right now and I was listening to Heatmiser (elliot smiths old band). I also am loving metric and golden dogs. And I was listening to Singapore (my friend Jack and Jays band from Toronto) like everyday until my friend Krocky took the album to burn. Pretty brilliant stuff.

Blogs I am obsessed with lately
Jen is amazing. She looks exactly like Aubrey Plaza but with excellent style. She is so freaking adorable! I actually just saw her at a Time Warner audition.
This is an excellent blog also. Love this girl!

Bow Ties

So I pretty much called it on the bow tie trend. I think they are so adorable and when i was shopping around in Toronto recently I found a whole bunch of vintage ones for $3. I bought one and I wear it all the time now. If I could wear bow ties forever I would, with suspenders and skinny jeans! :) I also have an obsession with cowboy boots, always have. I think I will incorporate bow ties in some of my designs. I already have a brilliant idea for shorts and bow ties. I totally think men look so hot in bow ties. I hope one day when I find "THE ONE" he will wear a bow tie at our wedding. In case your wondering yes I am still single and it has been 9 months now. I have been reading a ton and studying my acting and starting my own line. I have also been playing harmonica a lot and painting. I painted 2 amazing paintings for my two friends in Toronto , Jack and Jay. I hope they appreciate them. I will post the pictures of the paintings later after they receive them.

Pinky Otto in Williamsburg NY

So I was in New York a few weeks ago and I came across an amazing clothes shop called Pinky Otto in Williamsburg. I had to buy these amazingly cute shorts! Her designs are exactly what I want to design! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!


Hello everyone I am back on here finally. I want to start designing my own clothing line I just need to find myself a good seamstress to help me out. Does anyone know of a good seamstress in Los Angeles? I may go to downtown and go to some alterations shops and find myself a nice asian lady. :) I have some amazing ideas. I want to create the line just for myself to wear and if people like it I will start selling it. It is beautiful and young and 60s. I am sketching now. :)