Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Some things I found today :)

The Bob

My Tumblr page


nicolas ghesquiere shoes

They remind me of puzzles

My MAYBE NEW hair cut?? I do love it

I also LOVE this style just my thing


Today I got my new vintage 60s Velvet red dress in the mail! I FLIPPED!!!! Its so beautiful!!! This is exactly what I am talking ABOUT!!!!! Look at that collar!!! I will be making a ton of these dresses ASAP

Skinny pants and mens shirts are WAY IN

Remember Audrey Hepburn's favorite look? Skinny dark pants, mans button up shirt tyed in the back with a cute pair of ballet flats? Well this is very in right now.

my birthday bike!

I am getting the adorable Plato bike from Urban outfitters for my Bday Aug 12th!!!! Yes its almost $500 but it will be amazing! Custom made!

Monday, June 28, 2010

LOVE THESE DRESSES!!! Can someone make me some?

Where can i get a designer to make me some of these dresses or dresses like these? Or where can i find an easy pattern to make them? I LOVE THEM!!!!


Chaser Tee Shirt Fashion Shoot

I modeled for the clothing line Chaser the other day :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My new hair cut AUG 12th

I am cutting my hair short AUG 12th my Birthday! I have always said I would have short hair on this Bday

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Style Hero

Alexa Chung

Bowling shoes?

Are the shoes on the left called bowling shoes? What would you call them?

Need to make this dress

I really want to find this dress but if I can't find it I want to make it :)


Has anyone seen this bag anywhere for sale?!??!?!?! Even a look alike is fine. Please contact me and let me know. I WANT ONE Thanks

My Favorite french actress Chantal Goya

Monday, June 21, 2010

Miu Miu 2011


I am so obsessed with the 1960s Music, Clothes, EVERYTHING!! I am cleaning out my closet today and I am throwing away most of my stuff. I want all of my clothes to be unique and amazing, nothing boring... I am also selling a lot of stuff, shoes, bags, jeans, shirts, dresses etc. YAY

Gray Hair

The other day I made my hair all gray and went out. From behind I look like an old lady but from what I am wearing maybe not. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saw The Like play last night...

So I went and saw THE LIKE play last night at The Troubadour with my boyfriend Myke. This show was by far the best show I have ever seen in my whole entire life... I was blown away. These 4 sexy 60s vixens were incredible, I couldn't look away. My whole life I have been searching for a band like this and then BAM there they are! I found them in Teen Vogue just a few days ago. I saw a picture of them and thought who are these 4 fashionable chicks??? I looked them up and I fell in love that second. The next day I found out they were playing in Los Angeles so I bought my tickets. Last night when I got there I stood right in the front. Z Berg the lead singer looked at me and said WOW because I was dressed up 100% 60s style, hair makeup clothes shoes leggings everything. Then as the band was playing Z told girls to come up on stage, of course I ran up on stage and danced my butt off with Laena Geronimo the bass player. The last song they did they had us come on stage again and this time I ran over to Annie Monroe ( the keyboard player) and danced with her. Then when they finished I hugged Annie and ran over the Tennessee (drums) and told her how much I adore her! Tennessee said she LOVED My dress. Tennessee Thomas is from London and is good friends with Alexa Chung, so I knew about her for a while now, even before I found out about this amazing band. Later we stayed and saw Kristen Dunst walking around. I talked to every single of the band members and got pictures with them and autographs. Laena fixed my button that came undone. They all individually said they loved my dress and my style, I was so excited because I adore their fashion. They embody everything that I love. Tennessee even said to me WOAH where did you come FROM?? haha. I hope to meet them again soon. I would love for them to play at my wedding one day. I want an all 60s wedding and all 60s music, I hope whoever I marry will agree.
But anyways this band has inspired me so much lately. I am going through my closet today and I am throwing out a lot of my clothes. I want to wear all 60s clothing original and repos. I want to wear dresses every single day of my life. I am going to sell off a lot of my jeans! I am so excited about this band! OH AND by the way I am designing 1960s bikinis for the band soon, that is my goal.
Videos of me dancing with the band will be up soon. Here are some pictures of the night