Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a Wild Week for me!

I think this is the most that has ever happened to me in one week.. I know this is not fashion related but I just want to write this out. On Monday I had a callback for a Microsoft Commercial and I saw a UCB show with Myke later that day. On Tuesday I had another callback for a Comcast commercial and a Little Debbie audition back to back. So I had to run to my car in Santa Monica and change and race over to Los Angeles to my audition on La Brea. I was flipping. Then on Wednesday nothing happened... I rode my bike around town with Kelly and Skyler and I drank $1 smoothies at Jamba Juice. Today Thursday I had to get up and have my hair trimmed by Lacey over at Frenchies in Burbank. Then I hailed ass home to get ready for my 1st audition for TGI Fridays in Santa Monica. After that I race home and take care of the dogs and run over to Sherman Oaks for an Animal Planet audition. That audition for Animal Planet took 2 .5 hours of waiting... Finally I get in there and blow them AWAY. Just kidding, it went ok.

The week is not over and I have so much more to do.

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