Sunday, May 22, 2011

My newest pair of PRADA sunglasses Minimal Baroque

I just got these AWESOME prada sunglasses the SPR27n style MINIMAL BAROQUE sunnies! Bigger than my Chanel 5018s but as cute basically :) They only had 2 pairs at the Prada boutique on Rodeo Dr. I went today!!!! I hope these babies go up in price in the future. They are one of a kind! They are so my style ! I love the wild fun sunglasses. That is why one of my favorite sunglass designer is Thierry Lasry. As you can see they are a bit bigger than my chanel 5018s. My chanel 5018s are my LOVES!!! I just got offered a few days ago $5,000 for them! NO WAY JOSE! I paid $800 and I will not sell them! When I die I will be buried with them or I will end up selling them to a huge fashion museum for 1 million dollars :) Those babies are RARE! and Mine are in excellent condition in a glass case! I wore them for my college graduation. :) THey are my babies!!!!! Nothing will ever compare to them. But I loved how these Pradas do seem similar. :)

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  1. As a lover for big shaped sunglasses gotta tell you, these ones are incredible, Prada has to be ;)

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