Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bow Ties

So I pretty much called it on the bow tie trend. I think they are so adorable and when i was shopping around in Toronto recently I found a whole bunch of vintage ones for $3. I bought one and I wear it all the time now. If I could wear bow ties forever I would, with suspenders and skinny jeans! :) I also have an obsession with cowboy boots, always have. I think I will incorporate bow ties in some of my designs. I already have a brilliant idea for shorts and bow ties. I totally think men look so hot in bow ties. I hope one day when I find "THE ONE" he will wear a bow tie at our wedding. In case your wondering yes I am still single and it has been 9 months now. I have been reading a ton and studying my acting and starting my own line. I have also been playing harmonica a lot and painting. I painted 2 amazing paintings for my two friends in Toronto , Jack and Jay. I hope they appreciate them. I will post the pictures of the paintings later after they receive them.

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  1. Karen Walker loves a bit of bow tie action- I have a "vintage" top with a bow tie of hers! I have that last dress in the last pic on the right from Primark in London - 5 pound! Not that it's special or anything, but have never seen it elsewhere